CI & Deployment w/ Codeship

A quick introduction

Richard Sentino / @mindginative

Target Audience

  • New Codeship
  • Beginners of continuous integration and deployment
  • Looking to explore alternative CI & deployment tools

Your Setup

Room For Improvement

Needs automation BUT use less (at least for now):

  • Advanced configuration management tools
  • Deployment frameworks

Room For Improvement

Leverage existing skills & tools

  • Bash Scripts
  • CLI
  • SSH


  • A hosted continuous integration and deployment software as a service (SaaS) for web applications.
  • Simple pricing: free (no CC required), basic, pro


Codeship - Pipeline

Codeship - Supported Technologies

Deployment Dashboard Example

At the end of the day

We want to:

  • do quick software releases
  • do multiple deployments per day
  • automate integration and deployment
  • save time and money

Booktrack ❤ Codeship

  • Pipeline
    • prod, dev, demo
  • Front-end
    • NodeJS, GulpJS, PhantomJS
  • Average Daily Deployment
    • 15/day

Thank You!

Richard Sentino / / @mindginative